Singapore's Preferred Physiotherapy Clinic is Now Online

Consult our team of experienced physiotherapists in the comfort of your home. Our physiotherapists will assess and diagnose the cause of pain, find the most effective way to alleviate it, and help you, entirely online!


Highly experienced physios to deliver optimal results.

Consultations are easy and only require the internet and a smartphone / desktop.

Conducted through leading safe & encrypted platforms especially designed to support you remotely.

Instant appointment! Minimal waiting time.

Follow-up by our physios to keep track of your progress.

Access to a customized exercise program app for your exercise prescription.

Before I came to BMJ, I suffered from shoulder pain for over than 3 years. I can't do bench press, snatch, and overhead squat, it even affected my hydrodynamic when I was doing freediving. Within 7 sessions, the physiotherapist located and solved my problem; now, I am pain-free and have more tools and knowledge to keep improving my flexibility and sports performance. As such, I highly recommend anyone who suffers from any sports injury to seek help from BMJ.


Look no further if you are in need of high quality yet affordable Physiotherapy service. BMJ is THE perfect place for you. The staff at BMJ Physiotherapy are kind, professional and exceedingly committed to their customers. Had my sessions with Darek and Fawzi which have been top class. They genuinely care about their patients and will give their 110% into your recovery process. Giving my heartfelt thanks to Darek, Fawzi and team!


Visited BMJ after my ankle ligament reconstruction surgery. Vanessa is my therapist. She is friendly and helpful. Manage to walk quite well within a month. Highly recommended.


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BMJ Physiotherapy offers high quality yet affordable physiotherapy services in the east & central - Parkway, Kovan & Orchard. Our team of physiotherapists are registered and experienced in treating various injuries and pain.

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How Does Online Physio Work?

It is an online physio session where the physio will connect with you via video conferencing.

A comprehensive diagnosis can be made through a series of questions and some movement / self-palpation test.

From here, the physio will develop a tailored treatment plan to manage your conditions using various techniques such as self-massage, self-scar release and movement exercise therapy.





Who Is It For?

Physiotherapists are experts in the treatment of any pain, strain or ache related to your bones, muscles and joints. If there is any time to sort out your aches and pain, this is it! This work from home period is a perfect opportunity to get some expert help, fuss free and at the convenience of your own home. 

Even before this stay at home period, many of you are already working from home. We know that home environment and ergonomics (home office-desk chair setup) is not perfect. It can worsen your existing minor aches and pain! We were already helping many such patients before this work from home measures kicked in! So let us help you to modify your work desk along the way as we help you get rid of the ache and pain. Why let ache and pain add to our misery during this time?

We also do recognise there will be conditions beyond the scope of online physio or our practice. This is where we also will have resources to refer you to the appropriate medical expert.


Get in touch with us directly at 9272 2890/ 9181 7290 to book an appointment.


Upon confirmation, you will receive a unique link to access a secured telemedicine portal, no additional software needed. Access the session via mobile or a laptop.


Check-in to the session to meet our physio, similar to a face-to-face session in the clinic.


A customised treatment programme will be given to you via an integrated platform to prescribe and modify your exercise therapy.


You will receive a payment advise via WhatsApp to make payment for the completed session.


Follow-up appointment is recommended to review your progress and your program will be modified accordingly to your progress to ensure your optimal recovery and in accordance to your goals


For your session get ready the following:

  • Provide any medical reports or investigation. 
  • Enough space for you to let us have a full view of  your body
  • Wear appropriately so that we can have a full view of your injury
  • If you have another person at home, get them to join in, we may just need their help.

Darek Lam

Clinical Director, 

Senior Principal Physiotherapist

Over 18 years of experience

Special Interests in Knee Injuries & Rehabilitation

Bruno Chia

Principal Physiotherapist

Over 10 years of experience

Special Interests in Neck, Back & Shoulder Conditions

Janette Goh

Senior Physiotherapist

Over 5 years of experience

Special Interests in Sports Injuries, Back Pain & Paediatric Orthopaedic conditions

Vanessa Goh

Associate Director (Training),

Principal Physiotherapist

Over 13 years of experience

Special Interests in Knee, Foot, Ankle & Shoulder Conditions

Crystel Tan

Principal Hand Therapist

Over 13 years of experience

Special Interests in Hands & Upper Limbs Conditions

Dr. Sharon Wong

Senior Principal Physiotherapist

Over 13 years of experience

Special Interests in Sports Injuries, Strengthening & Conditioning

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